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Drink H20

Dear Anna,

Thank you for attending my presentation "Keep Moving: Incorporating Fitness into a Busy Schedule." I appreciate your participation, and I hope you have been able to increase your activity level and start working on your fitness goals for the year.

Here is my fitness tip of the week:

Remember to drink water when you exercise.

Every system in your body needs water to function properly and efficiently. This is especially important during exercise. Even a small amount of dehydration can interfere with your ability to get the most out of your workout and feel good while you are exercising.

When you are dehydrated, you might feel lethargic and/or dizzy. You might also notice that your muscles don't work as well as they could, and you might not feel as sharp as you could mentally. When you are well hydrated, you can exercise for a longer period of time and more effectively. Your heart doesn't have to work as hard to pump blood through your body, so oxygen and nutrients can more easily reach your muscles.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you drink about 17 ounces of water about 2 hours before exercising. You should then drink water early and at regular intervals during exercise to replace fluids that you are losing. If you follow these guidelines, your workouts will be healthier, more effective and more enjoyable.

Have a healthy, active and productive week!


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