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Meet Leslye
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You can be transformed into the healthy, vibrant and energetic person you have always wanted to be.  You can look and feel your best.  You can get in the healthiest shape of your life!  


How did I get here?  Weight management was an issue for me very early in life.  I remember clearly when I was 8 years old and sitting in a doctor’s office with my mother.  The doctor said I needed to lose 25 pounds!  Under the doctor’s supervision, and with my mother's help, I accomplished that goal during the summer between third and fourth grades.  Many years later, in 2012, my lifelong weight management strategies began to fail. I discovered the Ideal Protein (TM) weight loss and management program. I lost 32 pounds in 3 months and was able to maintain that weight loss.  As a child I also loved movement and this became a love of fitness.  Even though I chose a career in law and began practicing after graduation, I was soon teaching fitness classes on the side.  In 2013, after a long legal career, my passion for fitness, health and wellness led me to leave law and focus exclusively on those areas.  It is my calling to help people transform their bodies and minds through nutrition and the joy of movement.


More About Leslye:

Leslye Jones-Beatty, J.D., is an Ideal Protein ™ weight loss coach, a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor, and a licensed ZUMBA Fitness instructor.  With her weight loss clients, Leslye uses the highly effective Ideal Protein™ weight loss method to help them achieve even their most difficult goals, including loss of 100 pounds or more, reversal of chronic health conditions, and reversal of infertility.  In her personal training sessions and fitness classes, Leslye incorporates all aspects of fitness in one workout, using innovative techniques and fun to help clients break the cycle of a sedentary lifestyle and improve their health and fitness.  It is Leslye’s goal to provide clients with the tools and motivation to live their best lives. 

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